Terms and Conditions. Must read updated 8-03

Exit this site if you are under 18 years of age.


I welcome gents of all ages, please be at least 28 years of age

I welcome all races & religions, please be proficient in speaking the English language

I respect all my clients and do not judge based on your politics.

If you have an excessively equipped man-hood, it is recommended that you do not book with me. If you decided to continue with a booking, you will respect my body and its limitations. I will not force myself to accommodate any request. You will accept any adjustments in activities during our time together. More over if you have an expectation of heavy aggression, roughness or you are into marking my body – Your booking is not welcome. I reserve the right to terminate a session at anytime.

Do Not Book if you are suffering from Jock Itch, Ring Worm or any fungus of the body.

I am very senior friendly, however not wheel chair or handicap accessible.

I do not authorize any recording devices.

I do not authorize carrying backpacks, gym bags, luggage and briefcases into my in-call without my consent. No guns ever! If a gun is brought into my in call, I will be asking you to leave immediately.

I do not utilize toys and equipment other than my own. Do not bring toys.

For our safety, I do not keep records of our meetings.  I expect gentlemen not to share our correspondence and nor will I.


I offer Preferred 411 and Work verification.

  1. Preferred 411: please send me a prescreening request form from your account. My id is 3601. I provide OKs upon request post visit providing I enjoyed myself with you.
  2. I will provide you with my screening form upon email request.


References are no longer provided. Please do not use my name as a reference.

I prefer that the remainder of the balance is made in USD Cash.  I do not accept defaced currency. If you wish to compensate with $CashApp, please send the funds in advance of arrival. The 3% convenience charge is waved if you provided your deposit with $CashApp.

Common Sense Protocols and Etiquette

1. Have your cell phone with you.

2. My cell phone number is not to be shared nor used for bookings engagements.

3. You are discrete with my information and my location. You will not disclose any information regarding my telephone number and location to others nor on reviews. Sharing my information is a breach of trust and therefore I will terminate our relationship effective immediately.

4.  You do not make an appointment if you have a fever, cough or trouble breathing.

6. Wounds are well bandaged.

7. Groom your nails! If your nails are not cut and filed, you will be asked to keep them away from my private areas for my health and safety.

8. Prepare yourself with minimal manscaping. You have been recently showered and washed your hair with shampoo.

9. Nuru or Body to Body Oil Massage will not be requested if you are suffering from acne, fungus, warts, heavily sunburnt skin, psoriasis or poor hygiene habits. Should any of these be detected, the Nuru/ Body to body massage portion of the appointment will be terminated

10. Manage your sun exposure prior to any Nuru Massage or Body to Body Massage.

Incall Deposits

 I will ask for the deposit once the booking request has been approved and prior to confirmation information sent. Deposit amount is deducted from the amount owed on the day of the appointment. These funds are refundable only if I cancel. Deposit is returned to the client in the same form provided. The deposit options are:-

  1. $CashApp. Notation Line must be keep blank! $CashApp is my preferred method of receiving deposits. It is also the fastest method should I need to return it back to you.
  2. Amazon e-card (link will be provided to you)
  3. Amazon store card. Amazon store cards are gift cards purchased with in a store front and cash may be used to purchase this card. Please have your gift card ready prior to submitting a booking request. Provide the claim number.

Please do not bring gift cards as a form of payment to the appointment.

$100 deposit = up to 2 hours

$150 deposit = 2.5 hours

$200 deposit = 3 hours

$300 deposit = 4 hours (in the form of $CashApp only)

$400 deposit = 5 hours (in the form of $CashApp only)

Gentlemen that cancel within 48 hours will require double deposit on subsequent booking.

Late Night Surcharge

Appointments booked later then 9pm require a late night surcharge. This fee is $100 for each hour and $50 for each half hour. This surcharge is payable with the deposit.

Cancellation Fee

If you did not provide a deposit, a fee in the amount equal to the deposit will be provided. This would be in the form of an amazon e-card or $CashApp. Those who no-show or cancel within 6 hours make themselves accountable immediately for half the donation.


All though tipping is not expected. If you feel that I have provided you with exceptional service or we have exceeded our allotted time, then a tip would be most appreciated to show good will. Tipping may be in the form of $Cash App, Amazon e-gift card or cash.