Offerings and Investment


Virginia is for Lovers. For my lovers, I am well versed in the many talents of Eros.

GFE Companionship is an intimate connection to satisfy each others desires.  Chemistry takes hold and we enjoy an erotic escape. I am highly tactical and I am aroused by many avenues of sensual play. I would best describe myself as a highly passionate, intense and sensual lover. I seek strong connections and chemistry through kissing, eye contact, cuddling and pillow talk. I love being pleased and take as much pleasure from receiving as in giving. I would describe myself as a sensual switch. I am able to be sensually submissive as well as dominate within the same session. If you wish to intensify the session, I can only provide that with myself being the dominant and not the submissive.

Expect to start every session with a little conversation. I will continue with a striptease and a passionate lap dance with your roaming hands since a man worshiping her body is every woman’s desire.

Acropolis Tour with this Callipygian Goddess is available for those who understand that the pleasure and success of this act is ALL in the lady’s pace. I thoroughly prep using a personal hydro-cleanse device prior to your arrival. Then during our time together I will play with a selection of toys. This is available only to suitors whom are willing to work at my pace and are willing to devote time to the tour so we both will equally enjoy this activity. Only If you are such patient suitor, I welcome you to book this in conjunction with GFE Companionship. There is a $50 surcharge with appointments less than 2 hours. Request for this tour must be made at the time of booking.

Body to Body Massages (Nuru Gel and Coconut Oil) are sensual, intimate and therapeutic.  I am a Nuru Artist.  I use my unique Nuru Massage style that I have perfected for 12 years in providing this service.  I am a trained massage therapist, so you can say I am professionally trained to pamper and to dominate your muscles.  Just out of massage school in 2009, I started Nuru Massage. I’m an athlete that incorporates my high level of athleticism with my massage training. I am ambidextrous, strong and extremely coordinated,  I use every bony protrusion on my body as a tool for trigger point release.   My hands kneed your knots deeply  while my feet too manipulate your muscles like a second pair of hands.  Simultaneously, feel smooth skin with luscious fit curves glide on you for a full body swedish, shiatsu and sensual massage. Clients repeatedly say that I am THE most therapeutic and athletic NURU that they have ever received and I need to be on every Nuru connoisseur’s bucket list.

Overwhelm your senses!  Be visually entertained. It is a feast for the eyes to not only feel my body but to see it in motion in the 5′ x 5′ mirror next to the bed.  See my sculpted body covered with Nuru sliding, kneading and, yes, flipping too. You are being intoxicated by endorphins and the oxytocin release due to the skin on skin contact. This only educes a passionate affair.  I carry the official Nuru Massage Gel, as seen in the videos, as well as Organic Coconut Oil. So look forward to sploshing in an endless supply warm and oh so slippery Gel and Oil.  The massage is followed by a mutual shower to scrub off the products making your skin as silky smooth as mine.

Nuru Gel Massage is now available for a 90 min to 3 hour booking with a $50 surcharge. Warm Coconut Oil does not have a surcharge nor booking restrictions.

Therapeutic Massage for the gentleman looking for pain management.  As a certified massage therapist,  I am skilled at working the dysfunction out of your muscles .  I specializes in deep tissue and trigger point work.  I incorporate therapeutic massages as an addition or alternative to body to body massages, what ever suits my guest’s needs.

HOT STONES and Hemp cream are available with my massages

Sensual Domination: As an empathetic dominatrix, I understand trust is important to be able to reach my slaves limits and then further test beyond with consent.  I have 11 years of experience in the craft of sensually dominating men.  It is a delicate process as not all men view domination equally and everyone has a preference to the level of intensity.  


$5/ gallon = 500/ hour SPECIAL

700/ 90 min – Jessie’s preferred minimum

900/ 2 hours – The gentlemen’s choice

1100/ 2.5 hours – Jessie’s preferred booking

1300/ 3 hours – The sampler and maximum time allowance for new clientele

1700/ 4 hours – Eros deluxe

2100/ 5 hours -Indulgent retreat

Additional Sensual Domination Services

If you so desire, we will explore:

  • Prostate and male toy collection of only the best and highest quality
  • Strap-on/Pegging (2 hour minimum) – 5 harnesses pre-loaded. Stocked with complementary products for a complete painless experience
  • Sensual Domination Scenes
  • Smothering/ Face Sitting
  • Erotic Electrical Stimulation – 3 devices with numerous attachments and electrodes
  • Impact play – new floggers arrive monthly
  • CBT
  • Tease and Denial
  • Nylons, foot Leg worship
  • Foot Fetish
  • Body Worship, Muscle Worship
  • Humiliation
  • Sensual deprivation and overload
  • Bed Restraints, Harness, thigh to wrist restraints, Suspension from the ceiling Handcuffs, Silk Rope
  • RolePlay/Age Play – My speciality is Yummy Mummy/Step Mummy with naughty son

…and more.  I will play with your mind and as well as everything else.  This is about you and your Mistress wanting to use you.  

I do not provide: Wrestling sessions, Blood play, Brown Showers nor Scat play. Anyone failing to properly clean for prostate toys/ strap-on will need to be flexible in adjusting activities.


Are you looking to satisfy your Panty Sniffing urges? I offer worn panties for sale for your panty sniffing desires starting at $20. You may place an order with your appointment. A detailed list available on the same booking form as requesting an appointment.

PACKAGE (mixing services) UPDATED

All packages include Companionship and GFE

  1. GFE Companionship with Therapeutic Massage: 1 hour: 500
  2. GFE Companionship with Acropolis Tour (includes AT surcharge): 1 hour: 550 : 90 min: 750
  3. GFE Companionship with Body to Body Massage or Therapeutic Massage: 90 min: 700
  4. Sensual Domination with GFE Companionship: 90 min: 700
  5. GFE, B2B Oil Massage/ Therapeutic Massage & Acropolis Tour: 2 hours: 900
  6. GFE & Nuru Gel Massage (includes Nuru surcharge): 90 min: 750 : 2 hours: 950
  7. GFE, Nuru Gel Massage with Acropolis Tour(includes Nuru surcharge): 2.5 hours: 1150
  8. GFE & Strap-On w/ a taste of domination: 2 hours: 900
  9. GFE, Sensual Domination Scene and Strap-on: 3 hours: 1300
  10. GFE, Body To Body Oil Massage, Sensual Domination Scene: 3 hours: 1300
  11. GFE, Body to Body Oil Massage, Therapeutic Massage, Acropolis Tour, Sensual Domination Scene and Strap-on: 4 hours 1700

The packages represent time minimums. You are welcome to book longer should you wish to enjoy an aspect of the package for an extended length of time. With the exception of Nuru Gel Massage, you are welcome to include additional sensual domination items and/ massage services with your package time permitting.

The above rates are all in house play time. I am highly skilled with high endurance and able to entertain you for long durations.


The following is for established clientele only. Not available in combination with NURU Gel Massage nor Strap-on services.

Work up an appetite: 2 hours indoors then up to 3 hours for lunch or add +100 for dinner: 1300

Jessie’s preferred choice with food: 2.5 hours indoors then up to 3 hours for lunch or add +100 for dinner: 1500

Jessie’s preferred choice with extended meal: 2.5 hours indoors then 4 hours for lunch or add +100 for dinner: 1650

Extended Playtime then Indulge: 3 hours indoors then up to 3 hours for lunch or add +100 for dinner: 1700