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Are you looking to buy a pair of worn panties to satisfy your panty sniffing desires? Whether new to this fetish or a connoisseur, you will find my fresh and healthy pheromones are a sensory treat. I am perfect for the enthusiastic who seeks a souvenir in the form of dirty worn size small panties from a muscle beauty.

My most popular are my sweaty panties from a hard intense gym training for my figure competition. I offer other dirty panty options such as masturbation and urine as well as custom orders. If your dirty panty request involves urine, be aware that due to my longevity supplementation, my color is green/blue. If you wish it to be yellow, please place a note under custom.

Please fill out the form below and let me prepare a worn pair of panties just for you.

Every used panty is separately packaged in a zip-lock bag and wrapped in tissue paper once preparation is complete. Please allow up to 4 days to prepare your item/s for shipment. Thank you

If you use a account, please email me at stating you submitted a form. Thank you

Please add $10 for priority shipping with tracking information through USPS with in the United States. If you are outside the U.S., please e-mail for shipping costs. The small shipping box will accommodate up to 5 pairs of used panties. Once shipped, I will e-mail you the tracking number.

Once I approve the form. I will be emailing you requesting payment via $CashApp.

Custom Panty “Nos”: No wearing used panties past one day or one night. No excessive fecal matter. No creamiepies

Pick up at my location is available to clientele that I have visited with. Shipping/ handling costs still apply. If booking an appointment, please use the booking form as worn panty purchase is available on that form as well.

Please share your used panty purchasing experience in the comment section below

Happy panty sniffing,


Used Panty Purchase

Why used panties?

You may be asking “Why Used Panties?” Panty kink is just as much a kink of mine just as it is for you. Once that order form comes in, I delight in the task of preparing this intimate item. You maybe someone I know, someone I may eventually meet or never meet. It is so deliciously erotic to know that someone wants a piece of cloth that has been through a journey just for you.

Let the next journey begin…

Wet Kisses

Jessie Fairfax 💋

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