Wish List and Favorite Things

Hello and thank you for reading this page. If you wish to treat me with a gift, here is a list of items I fancy. They are simple things. I don’t desire many material possessions because I don’t believe acquiring lots of designer goods and expensive stuff summates into a satisfying life. So below are items that I will truly value and will spark joy 😊 Thank you.

Eden Reflexology Massage Gift Card please. Massage therapy is my favorite indulgence. Due to my lifting, it is a necessity. You will find that their site is very easy to use to make a purchase. Please send it to my e-mail at JessieFairfax@Protonmail.com Thank you so very much in advance. Here is a link to their website if you are curious. I usually go for the 90 minutes, but I plan on going in just for the foot massage one day.

NEW for Christmas: Chanel just launched a limited edition GARDÉNIA perfume. Gardenia is my favorite floral scent. I would adore a bottle please! Thank you

CBD oils, concentrates and edibles. My favorite is Shatter and Affordable Hemp CBD Tincture 2000mg

For Love and Lemons e-card

I’m looking to purchase a new pair of weightlifting shoes and there is a new sports bra I would like please. Nike gift-card would be much appreciated

Walmart Gift Card (yes Walmart) I love Walmart

Honey Birdette on-line gift voucher . There are some new sets coming out that I would very much enjoy wearing for you.

Trader Joes Gift card please!

Amazon gift cards are always a winner!

Treats: I am a energy drink addict so if you wish to bring me Bang Cotton Candy, Rein, C4 or Bullseye instead of alcohol or a cup of coffee, I appreciate it. Quest protein Cookies, Barebell protein Bars are enjoyed. Thank you.

Please don’t bring alcohol.