Wish List and Favorite Things

If you desire to bring along a gift, here is a list of my favorite things.  I include the simple & necessary items to the extravagant. This is also a wish list since it is fun to dream and sometimes dreams come true.

In this day and age, I understand that shopping in a mall may not be too appealing. So if you wish to give via Cash App, I can order it directly. Please email me for my $CashApp id.

I would love this Chanel fragrance – Chance eau-fraiche. If you wish to $CashApp and I order. Notation Line: Chanel perfume

The best gift of all is sponsorship toward some of my training sessions. I am back working with a trainer 4 – 5 times a week with a goal of competing in July. I pay for sessions with cash and with my cash app. This contribution would be so much appreciated. A session is $50, just $CashApp me with a notation: Training 🏋🏽‍♀️. Thank you so much!

This Brookstone calf and foot massager. I had one in the past but it broke from daily use. I just loved it.

I would love more Nike Gear please. A gift card in any amount would be appreciated

Lululemon gift card please.

These red Dolce and Gabbana shoes in Size 37 please. $CashApp contributions appreciated. Notation Line: Red Pumps 🙂

Honey Birdette on-line gift voucher please

Trader Joes Gift card.

Gifting TLC credit would be very appreciated

Amazon gift cards are always a winner

I no longer drink alcohol or eat chocolates