Wish List and Favorite Things

Hello and thank you for reading this page. If you wish to treat me with a gift, here is a list of items I fancy. They are simple things. I don’t desire many material possessions because I don’t believe acquiring lots of designer goods and stuff summates into a satisfying life. Yes, I have gone a bit minimalistic. So below are items that I will truly value and will spark joy 😊 Thank you.

Eden Reflexology Massage Gift Card please. Massage therapy is my favorite indulgence. Due to my lifting, it is a necessity. You will find that their site is very easy to use to make a purchase. Please send it to my e-mail at JessieFairfax@Protonmail.com or you may purchase a gift voucher at their location. They are super friendly. Thank you so very much in advance. Here is a link to their website if you are curious. I usually go for 2 hours now, but I plan on going in just for the foot massage one day and any denomination is greatly appreciated.

These Tiffany Sunglasses

Favorite list:

  • Spa: Eden Reflexology
  • Perfume: Chanel Gabrielle (not the Essence)
  • Flowers: Roses
  • Lingerie stores: Agent Provocateur is my favorite brand.
  • Chocolates: Sugar-free, any kind even Russell Stover 🙂 The pecan delight is my favorite.
  • Magazine: Muscular Development. Please pick me up one
  • Shopping: Amazon e-cards, Trader Joes and Walmart physical gift-card
  • Bitcoin
  • Alcohol: None at this time
  • Jewelry. None at this time.

Treats: I am a energy drink addict so if you wish to bring me Bang Cotton Candy, Reign energy drink is my current favorite and love all flavors, C4 or Bullseye instead of alcohol or a cup of coffee, I appreciate it. Quest protein Cookies, Atkins Indulge treats, Barebell protein Bars are enjoyed. If you wish to bring chocolates, please only bring the sugar-free kind. Even the Russel Stover LOL! Any body building supplement that you wish to share. Thank you.

Please don’t bring alcohol.