Wish List and Favorite Things

If you desire to bring along a gift, here is a list of my favorite things.  I include the simple & necessary items to the extravagant. This is also a wish list since it is fun to dream and sometimes dreams come true.

In this day and age, I understand that shopping in a mall may not be too appealing. So if you wish to give via Cash App, I can order it directly. Please email me for my $CashApp id.

The best gift of all is sponsorship toward some of my training sessions. I am back working with a trainer 4 – 5 times a week with a goal of competing in July. I pay for sessions with cash and with my cash app. This contribution would be so much appreciated. A session is $50, just $CashApp me with a notation: Training 🏋🏽‍♀️. Thank you so much!

I am becoming a plant person again. So I love Flowers! Fresh cut 🌹 or potted 🌷I am having a fixation with Hyacinths right now. I would love Gardenia house plant please. Ceramic pots are appreciated!

A gift card from Guess.com My muscle gains has me needing the next size up. Emergency shopping trip needed. Thank you

An e-gift card from this local spa. I enjoy weekly massages and it is my favorite indulgence. A full body massage ($65 for 1 hour/ $90 for 90 min) or foot massage ($45 for 1 hour) would be most appreciated.

This thin white Jackie leather Gucci belt please in size 75

This Chanel Chance fragrance gift set. Thank you

Wolford stay-up stockings and panty house. Gobi is my favorite color, size M. I prefer pure 10 in tights and individual 10 in stay-ups

You are never naked with a fine perfume. I would love a bottle of Cristalle. It is available only through Chanel.com or at a Chanel store.

Honey Birdette on-line gift voucher . There are some new sets coming out that I would very much enjoy wearing for you.

Trader Joes Gift card please!

Amazon gift cards are always a winner.

Treats: I am a energy drink addict so if you wish to bring me Bang Cotton Candy, C4 or Bullseye instead of alcohol or a cup of coffee, I appreciate it. Quest protein Cookies, Barebell protein Bars are enjoyed. Thank you.

Please don’t bring alcohol.