Wish List and Favorite Things

If you desire to bring along a gift, here is a list of my favorite things.  I include the simple & necessary items to the extravagant. This is also a wish list since it is fun to dream and sometimes dreams come true.

In this day and age, I understand that shopping in a mall may not be too appealing. So if you wish to give via Cash App, I can order it directly. Please email me for my $CashApp id.

The most appreciated gift is an e-gift card from this local spa. I enjoy weekly massages for my training recovery and it is my favorite indulgence. A full body massage ($65 for 1 hour/ $90 for 90 min) would be most appreciated.

Sponsorship toward some of my training sessions. I am back working with a trainer 4 – 5 times a week. I pay for sessions with cash and with my cash app. This contribution would be so much appreciated. A session is $50, just $CashApp me with a notation: Training 🏋🏽‍♀️. Thank you so much!

A gift card from Guess.com My muscle gains has me needing the next size up. Emergency shopping trip needed. Thank you

This thin white Jackie leather Gucci belt please in size 75

Wolford stay-up stockings and panty house. Gobi is my favorite color, size M. I prefer pure 10 in tights and individual 10 in stay-ups

You are never naked with a fine perfume. I would love a bottle of Cristalle. It is available only through Chanel.com or at a Chanel store.

This YSL Medium Envelope purse

Honey Birdette on-line gift voucher . There are some new sets coming out that I would very much enjoy wearing for you.

Trader Joes Gift card please!

Amazon gift cards are always a winner.

Treats: I am a energy drink addict so if you wish to bring me Bang Cotton Candy, C4 or Bullseye instead of alcohol or a cup of coffee, I appreciate it. Quest protein Cookies, Barebell protein Bars are enjoyed. Thank you.

Please don’t bring alcohol.