Personality and About

I am a mellowed out type-A and grounded person. My sun sign is a Capricorn, rising sign is Pisces and moon sign is Gemini. Myers-Briggs personality indicator is INTJ. I have a stoic exterior with sensitive interior with an old-soul wisdom and clear thinker. I am mature, lively and sensual companion while delivering commentary with wit and a dark sense of humor. I love cracking jokes. Smiling and laughing is my tonic for everything, second to touch. I am nothing shy of being genuine, personas are exhausting and only hinders making real connections. I am a highly passionate person in and out of the bed. Once I have a goal in my cross-hairs, I will strive to achieve it at the highest of standards. I relish in being drunk on the endorphins of being close to each other. Living in an area of go-getters, I am able to serve my clients with a relaxed heart, a compassionate ear and devilish intentions.

I feel that some of the greatest successes are a healthy mind and a healthy body.    You will find me hitting the weights hard 4/5 times a week with my trainer, cooking and recovering.  A main hobby is aesthetic’s training as I am considering competing in the Wellness Division in 2023. I have sort of unrelated degrees from  Computer Technology, Business Administration, Health Science and Art History as well as a certification in Massage Therapy and Personal Training.  As you can see, I enjoy the educational process and challenging myself.  I am inspired by those who crave betterment and wish to share with me their knowledge and experiences.

I am a true Washingtonian.  I am a 12th-Generation of George Washington.  My ancestry is also Czech.  My great-grandfather being the Czech composer Smetana, I had a musical background and grew up playing the piano.  A portion of my upbringing was in England including being educated in a proper English boarding school followed by a Finishing School. My English background molded me into being precise and attentive with my communications, articulate, reliable and extremely punctual.

That is enough about me, tell me about you…