Welcome to my Domain Kinkster! If an erotic journey of the senses is what you seek, then let me be your guide.

My natural hair changes colors with the seasons – honey brunette in the winter and reddish blonde in the summer.  My soft wavy hair rests mid back to frame my hazel eyes. I have striking features a smooth complexion, high cheekbones, full pouty lips and a bright white gorgeous smile all helps provide me with my stunning classic old hollywood beauty. I am a mature woman in her early forties with a biological age of 32 with a body admired by many in their twenties. My beautiful, very curvy, fit and strong with measurements of 34DD/E 23 37, height 5’5″. I’m maintaining a 14% body fat. I’m aesthetically sculpted weighing 140 lbs with perky breasts and everything is firm. A body built in the gym and designed for sin. My skin is naturally golden. I avoid the sun to maintain youthful, healthy, soft, glowing skin. I am small-framed, large busted, seriously flat abs with a little waist and very round strong toned booty that makes heads spin. My feet are size 6.5.  I am a non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug user and fully-vaccinated.

Personality and About

I am a mellowed out type-A and grounded person. My sun sign is a Capricorn, rising sign is Pisces and moon sign is Gemini. Myers-Briggs personality indicator is INTJ. I have a stoic exterior with sensitive interior with an old-soul wisdom and clear thinker. I am mature, lively and sensual companion while delivering commentary with wit and a dark sense of humor. I love cracking jokes. Smiling and laughing is my tonic for everything, second to touch. I am nothing shy of being genuine, personas are exhausting and only hinders making real connections. I am a highly passionate person in and out of the bed. Once I have a goal in my cross-hairs, I will strive to achieve it at the highest of standards. I relish in being drunk on the endorphins of being close to each other. Living in an area of go-getters, I am able to serve my clients with a relaxed heart, a compassionate ear and devilish intentions.

I feel that some of the greatest successes are a healthy mind and a healthy body.    You will find me hitting the weights hard 4/5 times a week with my trainer, cooking and recovering.  A main hobby is aesthetic’s training as I am considering competing in the Wellness Division in 2023. I have sort of unrelated degrees from  Computer Technology, Business Administration, Health Science and Art History as well as a certification in Massage Therapy and Personal Training.  As you can see, I enjoy the educational process and challenging myself.  I am inspired by those who crave betterment and wish to share with me their knowledge and experiences.

I am a true Washingtonian.  I am a 12th-Generation of George Washington.  My ancestry is also Czech.  My great-grandfather being the Czech composer Smetana, I had a musical background and grew up playing the piano.  A portion of my upbringing was in England including being educated in a proper English boarding school followed by a Finishing School. My English background molded me into being precise and attentive with my communications, articulate, reliable and extremely punctual.

That is enough about me, tell me about you…

My Chambers

My personal and private incall is highly equipped with every luxury.  It has instant access from major intersections with ample off-street free parking and fast uber pick-up times. I take great pride in providing you a stylish, tranquil, clean, and pet free accommodations. Everything is changed, cleaned and mopped after each and every appointment. I am an extremely low volume provider in order to keep myself and my space fresh and welcoming. My environment is designed for a complete mental and physical escape. I feel that is a pinnacle part of the experience and for that reason, I do not tour. Hotel rooms are indiscreet and lack personal touches and warmth. Only a fully stocked in-call space is suitable for my unique services. A selection of snacks and drinks. You will find I take enormous enjoyment in being a gracious hostess during your visit.

Favorite Quote

 “A lot of people approach risk as if it’s the enemy when it’s really fortune’s accomplice.” Sting